Which is the Better Dog Food – Dry or Wet?

Which is the Better Dog Food Dry or Wet
Dry Dog Food Advice

A happy dog is one that feeds on complete and healthy food. Most of the time, human food is not enough for a dog because dogs have different needs compared to their human owners.

To counter this problem, various dog foods have been made and sold in the market now – all being offered to address the special needs and different diets that each and every dog should have.

Although there are several brands of dog food available, dog foods can be classified into two major groups: dry food and wet food. Which type is better? Which is the most preferable for certain dog types? And what are the pros and cons of each type? This article seeks to answer these questions.

Dry vs. Wet Dog Food

All pet owners and lovers want to give their dogs the best food they can sink their teeth into but as between dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best?

Choosing between dry vs. wet dog food will be a major decision so all things should be considered and all sides should be heard before choosing between the two.

For starters, when it comes to storage, dry dog food is usually placed inside a sack while wet dog food is normally canned. Dry dog food is preferred because it is easy to feed and to store, it has dental benefits, it is more energy focused and it is less expensive.

However, the downsides of dry dog food are that it is not very palatable, has the tendency to have preservatives and often has grain as part of its ingredients.

Wet dog food is also often a choice because it is palatable to the taste of dogs, it has a high amount of fat and proteins and it is easy to munch on. A drawback of having wet dog food is it helps in gaining weight, it is expensive and it is prone to spoilage.

Purchase Price & Convenience

When it comes to these two aspects, as between dry vs. wet dog food, the former wins. Dry food is easier to measure, can be left around all day without risking the possibility of spoilage and it is less messy to handle.

When it comes to price, dry dog food is cheaper than wet dog food and is often more energy filled compared to the latter because wet dog food is 75% water while dry dog food is only 10% water.

The nutrient needs of large breed dogs cannot be easily provided for by canned wet dog foods so dry dog food is the usual choice for large breeds.


In the aspect of palatability, with regard to dry vs. wet dog food, the latter wins. Wet dog food is more palatable compared to dry dog food.

Wet dog food has a certain aroma that attracts the senses of dogs and the coated dry kibbles pale in comparison. Also, eating dry dog food can take a little getting used to and would often need the presence of water by its side.

Dental Benefits

For dental health, as between dry vs. wet dog food, the former wins. According to some research, dry dog food is better for the teeth than wet dog food because the latter helps with the accumulation of plaque.

Plaque build-up can be avoided with dry dog food because the dog has to chew the kibbles and, as a result, the teeth are cleaned in the process. It should be noted, however, that dry dog food does not totally prevent the accumulation of plaque. In fact, dogs who eat dry dog food are also prone to having plaque.

To completely prevent plaque build-up, aside from the type of food the dog eats, what is more important is for the dog to have a complete and healthy diet as well as routine dental home care.

As between dry dog food and wet dog food, the better one would depend on the priority of the pet owner and the preference of the dog.

Ultimately, it is a case to case basis but as a general rule, small breeds are fine with wet dog food while large breeds are better left with dry dog food to chew on.

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