Guide to Dog Food

Guide to Dog Food
Dry Dog Food Advice

A healthy dog is a happy dog. A healthy dog is one that is fed with complete and nutritious dog food. If there is a saying “you are what you eat,” there is likewise a saying in pet raising which goes like “you are what you feed.”

How and what one would feed his pets, like dogs, would reflect on how he values his pets. For those dog lovers, giving their dogs the best dog food they could get hold of is a priority. Not because for the sake of getting the best but because dogs can get many health benefits out of it.

For a starter, some of the most common questions being asked are what dog food should one get, where to buy dog food, and where to store dry dog food. We shall seek to answer those questions.

Dry Dog Food vs. Wet Dog Food

If the question is what to feed the dog, there is no staple and definite answer to it. One can only get the best ingredients out of dog food but no single dog food will work best for all types of dogs. To know the answer to this, there should be a trial and error to find the best dog food for one’s dog.

Nevertheless, the dog food currently available in the market these days are classified as two groups: wet dog food and dry dog food.

Dry dog food is made of ground and dried ingredients and is the type of dog food that dominates the market now. Wet dog food, on the other hand, has a large amount of water and is usually stored in trays, pouches, and cans.

When it comes to convenience and affordability, dry dog food is the best choice. When it comes to palatability, however, wet dog food is the preferred choice. Dry dog food is less appetizing to the taste of dogs but wet dog food is more expensive to purchase.

Where to Store Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is the usual choice of food for a lot of reasons, convenience and price being two of the top reasons.

Also, for large breed dogs, dry dog food is the best choice because wet dog food cannot provide the huge amount of nutrients that a large dog would need in its daily servings.

Unlike wet dog food that is stored safely in a can or pouch, dry dog food is usually packed in a sack or a plastic container and is prone to be affected by water, moisture and other elements that could lessen or destroy the quality of the dog food. Therefore, knowing where to store dry dog food is important in keeping the quality of the product.

One important thing to know about dry dog food is from the moment the container is opened or some contents of the dog food is taken, the nutrient content of dry dog food starts to dwindle.

The rate of how fast the nutrient level goes down mostly depends on how the dry dog food is stored. The best choice to prevent the fast dwindling of the nutrient levels of dog food is to store it in an airtight container that will prevent entry of unnecessary amounts of air.

To find one, there are containers available in pet shops that come in different sizes and shapes. If one cannot find one or choose to spend less for storage, an available covered trash can or another similar container can be a good alternative.

Keeping dry dog food inside an enclosed container will not only protect the dry dog food from liquid and moisture but also from unwanted raids from eager pet dogs or any members of the household, like other pets and curious children, when the feeding time is not yet up or when one is not inside the house.

Also, it is important for dry dog food to be placed in a dry room with cold temperature to prevent moisture from getting in and water from seeping into the container and causing spoilage of the dry dog food.

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